Children’s Hour is the brainchild of Daniel Germain, Founding President of the Club des petits déjeuners du Québec. His work for the Club put him in touch with engaging youth, devoted educators, and supportive communities. But common perceptions of schools and youth tended toward the negative.

So he decided to bridge the gap.

In 2010 he brought together key educators, passionate youth, and the people who work with them to create what has since become Children’s Hour, a movement that celebrates school and children’s achievements in any form. 


Children’s Hour celebrates schools and student successes of all kinds.

Children’s Hour is an upbeat and sustainable collective movement.

Children’s Hour is devoted to forming kids who are engaged and inspired, adults who are proud and confident, and a better future for all.


  That youth are not only the future, but also the present. What they do today deserves to be celebrated.
That a positive view of the school system will provide positive reinforcement—youth and educators stand to benefit from making positive contributions to their schools.   That big things can grow from ideas and encouragement.
That there is strength in numbers. Students, professionals, and organizations must share a common goal!   That motivational events and the words of mentors can make a difference, and that group gatherings can leave their mark and bring about change.